Samantha McDowell


Sam has been with JMG for nine years, joining after university where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Psychology and Anthropology. She has recently commenced part-time post-graduate studies in psychology. This not only explains why she’s comfortable dealing with her colleagues, but also how she has become the engine of our planning and project management machine.

A highly analytical mind ensures that every project Sam manages has a sound strategic base, and her exacting briefs and pinpoint audience targeting result in quality creative executions. She also brings a passion for order, organisation and attention to detail in everything she does, which means budgets, deadlines and processes are all tightly controlled and clients' expectations are met or exceeded.

A Gen Y with an almost innate sense of technology and its applications, Sam is also our primary website production manager. She has developed  a web and digital production system allocates precise tasks and timelines to each team member, and she applies it with trademark tenacity tempered by her usual good humour and diplomacy.

Sam became a partner and Director in 2011.

Contact Samantha McDowell
0412 907 666