Business Model

To provide the diverse range of skills necessary to meet clients’ marketing needs we have developed a unique in-source/out-source business model.

It goes without saying that the world of marketing is dynamic and ever-changing. While the fundamental principles remain largely the same, new media platforms, marketing techniques and opportunities continue to proliferate.

In simple terms our business model works like this; once we have determined a client’s needs, we assemble a team drawn from our core group and, as required, our extended network of strategic partners. Each team member is selected on the basis of the specific skills the project requires, their experience and track record. Each works for JMG on a contract basis so their costs are pre-agreed and their income is tied to successful outcomes not just hours worked.

Once established the team produces all work for that client or project and each team member can be confident that, provided they continue to meet the requirement, they will have a continuity of work. This way each team member has an investment in their relationship with the client, and the value of the team to the client grows over time as it accumulates an increasingly intimate understanding of the idiosyncracies of the client's business and the markets in which it operates.

Each team member is a proven and senior professional who can get to the heart of the matter quickly and accurately, and produce outstanding results. From a JMG perspective it means we can manage the team transparently and with a minimum of bureaucracy. From a client perspective it means access to a wide range of senior consultants and practitioners on an as-needed basis.

We consistently deliver outstanding results for clients by employing only senior people, and by having well developed systems and processes that support the accountable delivery of quality work.

The model is flexible, adaptive and scalable, but most importantly it works, it produces results, it is accountable and it is cost effective.